Vicki Marie's All Stars is a variety group performing music from the 40's through today spanning all genres. If you're looking for Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Swing, or Folk, you've come to the right place! 

The All Stars is an accurate description of the group comprised of seasoned musicians who perform in a variety of venues and genres. 

On the Bill at any given time are the following:

Joe Chiocca - The Joe Chiocca Band  Guitar and Vocals

   Joe has been a professional musician for over 15 years. He discovered the guitar while enrolled in a seminary high school - yes, our Joe once thought he would be a priest. Luckily for his fellow band members (most of who would not make it as men of the cloth and a few who would be struck by lightning for even trying), he decided his real gift was strumming. Papa Joe starting playing with classic rock bands while in college in Erie, PA. An ad in the city paper led him to the Hollywood Howlers and an ongoing 10 year relationship with bassist Marc Kannenberg. Joe also played Blue Steele; a MD based blues band that won acclaim as the first runner up in the 1997 DC Blues Society Showcase. Joe's blues influences include the Three Kings, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, and Hound Dog Taylor. Having recently discovered Jerry Garcia's playing was like discovering a long lost soul brother. Joe's improvisational passion and wide rage of musical knowledge takes each song and crafts it with his own energy. Joe doesn't just play a song - he plays with it.

John "DC" Coppola -  Owner Alexandria Live and also with Judge Smith, Rob Hornfeck and Shirkaday - Bass and Background Vocals

Rob Wolfe -  The Sons of Liberty Band - Bass and Background Vocals

Billy Clements - The Billy Clements Band - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Rom McNuss - The Billy Clements Band -  Stealin' The Deal Band - Pedal Steel 

Jimmy Carroll - Doug Parks and the Lone Wolves, - Drums

Vicki Marie -  Five By Five Rock and Variety  - singer, small percussion

   For as long as time itself, Vicki Marie has been singing, so much so that when her daughter was a small child she used to ask Vicki Marie to stop! Vicki Marie enjoys a wide range of genres from pop, to rock, country to blues, r&b, go-go and everything in between.  Starting with several local groups in 2004, and even today still sitting in with some of those groups, Vicki Marie likes to stay current with what is going on in local music and tries to support other groups when possible. Five By Five started in 2010 as her first foray into leading her own band. By the time 2011 rolled around, everything gelled so well that she couldn't imagine doing anything else. By 2017 Five By Five took a brief hiatus. Now in 2019, Five By Five is back and strong as ever! Strong female singers are who influences Vicki Marie the most. Songbirds like Bonnie Raitt, Martina McBride, Eva Cassidy and locals like Lisa Lim, Lisa Taylor, Dana Connor and Mary Ann Redmond. If you don't know these ladies, look 'em up and check them out!!