Ricardo S - Bass, Vocals

My musical journey began as a sophomore in High School in Puerto Rico.  A year later after moving back to New Jersey I walked into a Pawn Shop and with money I earned on a part time job I purchase a used Jazz bass and a cheap 10 watt amplifier.  I was influenced by Kiss, Ozzy, Rush and Stryper. 

My first gig was a wedding in Sommerville NJ.  I took some lessons and played with some cover and original bands and showcased for various labels and scouts.  The Club and Bar scene was fruitful and fun. I had more gigs that I could handle so if I was not in a band I was filling in for the bass player.  I played at the Jersey Shore, Escapades, Club Bene, The Fast Lanes, Studio One, L'amours and The Stone Pony.  I eventually stopped and moved on to a career. 

One day with an Old bass I still had I decided to fiddle around and jam with DMV area musicians.  In the last 6 years I have played with various cover and Original Christian Rock/Metal bands.  I have played at Sully's, The Alley Cat, The Howard Theater and a handful of music festivals.  I am excited to see what is next.