David C - Drums, Vocals, Sound

Born and raised in W.VA, I grew up around music and used Mom's pot's and pan's as my first drums. At age 10 I learned to play guitar, taught by my brother Gary. At age 12, I learned to play drums. I performed in Jr. High and High school music programs.  I attended college under a music scholarship. The first group I performed with was our family Gospel group, (age 11). Other groups throughout my life include; The Hometown Gang; The Country Swingers; The Country Express; Sweet Tea Band; The Madon Trio; Old Skool Band; and many more. 

   I have done studio work such as drum tracks and backup vocals. Have my own little music studio in my home. Besides drums as my major instrument, I play rhythm guitar, some Bass guitar and keyboards. I sing both lead and backup vocals. My primary focus is on drumming with having fun doing what I love, MUSIC. MY first love is and will always be MUSIC.